What is in a devis

There are some items that you expect to see on all quotes you receive for your building works.

– The administrative details about the enterprise: name, address, phone number, SIRET number / SARL details

– The date the quote was prepared, and also the period within which the quoted price is valid

– A breakdown in detail of the goods that are to be supplied. This includes the quantity, the price per unit, and the number of units (e.g. 15 square metres of quarry tiles at 22 euros per square metre)

– A detail of the related costs, such as labour charges

– The daily / hourly rate of the labour

– Any other charges that will apply, such as delivery charges

– the total price excluding VAT

– an estimation of the VAT to be paid: this may be shown as two figures if the applicable VAT rate is not yet known (see finances category of this site)
I have already said that you need to clearly understand the quote. If two quotes received are for different amounts, you need to understand the reason. Perhaps one roofer has omitted insulation from his quote, or one builder has forgotten about the supporting wall you need…whatever the reason, it is important to understand the quote and be clear in your mind that the quote covers all the work required.

You should not assume that ‘the price of taps must be included, he just hasn’t separated it out’. If it is not listed, then it quite possibly is not included. Check, in writing, about any material omissions or things that are not completely clear.

If your renovation project is to be rebuilt from a ruin or you are having a new house built,you will need connections to electricity, water, telephone etc. These should be included in a devis.

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  1. Virolet

    I have a Devis for renovation work which says the following:
    Reglement: 30% a la CDE, solde a la fin des travaux realises

    What does CDE mean? Thanks

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