Property renovation in France

The property renovation process is both interesting and rewarding. Watching a derelict house turning into your dream home, or a barn turning into a habitable barn conversion, it is an incredible experience. But the experience can come at a price, with some very stressful moments. The aim of the france renovation website is to enable you to keep the pleasure and satisfaction, while keeping the problems to a mimimum with a bit of forward plannng.

Although based around our experiences in France, many of the renovation aspects discussed are equally valid in other countries.

This book from has proved to be very popular with our site visitors:

There are three main sections to the site:

1)This provides information about the general aspects of any renovation project, such as finding a property, having a survey done, financing the renovation etc. These items are listed towards the top of the menu.

2) The second section contains ‘renovation factsheets’ – these contain a great deal of information about the more specific areas of work involved. These include for example repairing a stone wall using traditional materials, laying a quarry tile floor etc.

3) In ‘Real life projects’ we then refer to a couple of actual renovation projects in France, to see what renovating a property is like in the real world.Buying a property for renovation in France (or anywhere else) is an exciting thing to do. So is the project itself. But it is also quite a major undertaking. Don’t let this site deter you from going ahead with your own project, that is not at all the intention, although you may get that impression sometimes. The intention is simply to make the renovation process more pleasant and less stressful for you.

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  1. Andy Fenyoedy

    I am reading the articles on your website with great interest as I am currently researching the Dordogne area.My question refers to the article about the septic tanks : Is it legal in the Dordogne to operate a composting toilet and an alternative gray water disposal system instead of septic tank incl.a large drain field? I am asking this question because here in Florida septic tanks have been found to be the major culprit in ground water and surface water pollution, which has a lot to do with our sandy soils.
    Honestly, it would also be nice to be able to avoid the considerable cost associated with septic tank installation.
    Research in the USA has shown that with proper (hot!) composting no pathogens can survive during the composting of human “manure”.
    Since I am at the beginning of my research I will have many more questions and I hope that you don’t mind sharing your information with me.Thank you very much!

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