Materials – sand, cement, lime and plaster

Little do you know if before you start your project, but these are the things you will come to love – builders materials. Types and colours of sand and cement; when to use lime; how to use plaster are all covered.

Even if you don’t want to do the renovation yourself, after the builders have left you will probably still find lots of small things that need doing or finishing off.

You may also be tackling a room or two yourself, where the work involved is not too great. If only you knew the best approach to use, and the appropriate materials to use…

This section looks at the different types of sand, lime, cement and plaster and the usual ways in which they are employed. Most of these products are available in small quantities at your local bricolage store, so you can avoid the need to purchase a 35kg sack of plaster just to fill a small hole or two. Many of the materials mentioned throughout this section are available in the SB Mercier range of products, and are available in DIY stores across France.

General Advice when Using these Products

Even for small jobs you should follow the same basic rules:

1) Work in a clean dust free space if possible

2) Use clean tools

3) Use clean water

4) Use clean dry materials

5) Mix your products in a clean, usually rubber or plastic, tray or bucket

5) After using them, clean your tools and organise them somewhere they can be found again easily

6) Clean up after you! – it makes work much more efficient, and of a higher quality, if you always start with a clear clean work area around you, rather than stamping through piles of dust every time you move.

You will have spotted a theme in each of these rules – ‘clean’. Completely obvious, and often ignored. I have twice uncovered dead rabbits who had attempted to burrow into a sand pile during our own works. But this is not recommended good practice, or funny.

Check out the individual postings for details about sand, cement, lime and plaster.

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  1. tim roberts

    we went to france last summer and loved tge interior wall finish. we were told it was ‘crepie’… it was a rough wheat coloured almost exterior render with a sort of sandstone type texture. it was a superb interior finish… smooth yet rustic.
    any help to find what it was would be appreciated.

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