Sand, lime, cement

Building materials used during a building and renovation project in France

Lime or chaux in building

Lime comes in various categories and types. Not all are commonly used in the DIY environment. The lime used by ‘amateurs’ is the lime called (in France) ‘chaux aerienne eteinte pour le batiment’ (CAEB). It is prepared from very pure limestone, and is an extremely fine powder. It is sometimes also known as ‘fleur de […]

Cement for building and renovation

Cement is available in grey and white. White cement is often used where the colour of the finished product is important  – for example as a strenthening product in wall pointing mortar. The normal building cement is ‘Artificial Portland cement’ (CPJ CEM II 42.5).


Plaster is bought in sacks as a fine white powder. It has the main characteristic that after being mixed with water it dries completely hard and unworkable very quickly. This happens much faster than lime or cement and sometimes within a few minutes (it well tell you on the sack an estimated time of use). […]

Sand types for building and renovation

Sand comes in a wide range of sizes, colours and qualities. It is important to recognise these different types and the different projects that they are used for:

Materials – sand, cement, lime and plaster

Little do you know if before you start your project, but these are the things you will come to love – builders materials. Types and colours of sand and cement; when to use lime; how to use plaster are all covered. Even if you don’t want to do the renovation yourself, after the builders have […]