Specific Rooms

Guide to installing kitchens and bathrooms in a renovated property

Utility room design

The need for a separate utility room is often neglected when redesigning a property or doing a renovation. Yet this is one of the most useful, if least frequented, rooms in the house. Much more than just somewhere to put the washing machine, a well thought out utility room will prove invaluable. What goes in […]

Kitchen renovations

‘Kitchen renovation’ is a misleading term because usually a property renovation will involve installing a new kitchen, rather than simply trying to improve an existing one. The primary concern with kitchens is their placement within the property. You need to decide this early on in the design process, so that your plumbing and electrics can […]

Bathroom Renovation

Like the term ‘kitchen renovation’, ‘bathroom renovation’ is generally a misleading description, because almost all property renovation projects will require the addition of new bathroom(s), rather than an effort to improve one that is already in place. If the ones I have seen are anything to go by, you are more likely to find a […]