Renovation finances

The financial aspects of buying and renovating a ruin or old property in France

France reduced rate VAT

Important: Please read also the comments that follow this post, which mention the changes in the regulations since this post was made – it is now harder to get reduced rate VAT on conversions and renovations than at the time of the original post (note added 3/5/07) VAT on building renovations is usually charged at […]

TAX and VAT in property renovation

First let me be clear – I am not a tax expert and any complicated financial transactions will need the advice of a qualified accountant. In this section I have outlined some of the main areas that you might like to consider about tax and VAT in France. VAT VAT is known as TVA in […]

France property mortgage

Some fortunate people are in the position that they have sufficient funds upfront to pay for both the property to renovate, and also for the renovation work itself. For many others, the dream of renovating a property can’t wait until the funds exist, and the project needs additional funding. Therefore the problem of finding a […]

Checks before paying

One day the project will actually be complete! When the workers are on the point of leaving, you need to check that all the work is completed as planned. Specifically, you need to check that the work has been completed as per the devis, and that you are satisfied with the work. As the work […]

Costs of property renovation

How much should you pay for a renovation property? 1) try to estimate the cost per square metre of a renovated house in your chosen area, and of roughly the same size as your propsed project – ideally do this for several properties to get an average value per square metre 2) calculate how many […]