Getting started

Where and how to start on a major property renovation project

Property renovation in France

Property renovation in France

The property renovation process is both interesting and rewarding. Watching a derelict house turning into your dream home, or a barn turning into a habitable barn conversion, it is an incredible experience. But the experience can come at a price, with some very stressful moments. The aim of the france renovation website is to enable […]

Planning your renovation

It is commonly suggested that you should live in a house for six months without making any changes before starting work. That enables you to get a feel for the building, think about how the space could best be organised, and clarify your requirements, and avoids making expensive mistakes. The principal is the same even […]

Planning the renovation project

In this section I have assumed that you willproject manage the renovation yourself. Many people prefer to hand the entire renovation process to someone else. (See Project Managers section for a few thoughts on this). Part of the process of obtaining your planning permission will probably have involved discussing the project plans with your architect […]