Getting quotes

Getting estimates for the various aspects of your property renovation project

SIRET numbers and building

All enterprises registered in France will obtain a SIRET number at the time of registration. This is a number that you can check to be sure that an enterprise is correctly registered and authorised to work on your property. An enterprise must be not just registered, but registered to do the kind of work that […]

What is in a devis

There are some items that you expect to see on all quotes you receive for your building works. – The administrative details about the enterprise: name, address, phone number, SIRET number / SARL details – The date the quote was prepared, and also the period within which the quoted price is valid – A breakdown […]

Getting building quotes 5

Up-Front and Initial Payments On one or two occasions we were asked for a small (10%) payment just as the work began, because the cost of materials involved was high. More frequently we were asked for stage payments as work progressed, but these never exceeded the value of the work already done. We never paid […]

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Accepting Quotes and devis Quotes need to be accepted in writing. If your written French is poor, a couple of sentences saying ‘We accept your devis of [date], number[ref]. Please confirm how soon you can start’ should be managed. It is sometimes suggested that you try adding a clause that the quote be conditional on […]

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Actually Getting Quotes Now you have a list of builders and tradesmen you need to get them around to inspect the property, and then to give you quotes (known as ‘devis’). This is often in itself a tricky process. You will often need to ring someone two or three times before they will come to […]

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Make a List of Recommended Artisans Before you reach for the local ‘pagesjaunes’ (yellow pages) you need to ask around the neighbourhood. Anyone you know that has lived in the area for a while will have recommendations to offer you, and dire warnings as well. Listen to these recommendations – personal recommendations are the best […]

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Before you start discussing your plans with artisan builders you need to be absolutely clear yourself about your plans. Study them until you are familiar with every detail. Whenever possible you should follow the plans in every detail. This is not because I think the local planning authorities will demand that your property be demolished […]