Installing and maintaining flooring in an old property

Add an upstairs floor

It will frequently happen that your ruin or barn will have a shell but no internal ‘upstairs’ – so it will need a whole new first floor adding (or replacing). To add a new floor using exposed beams is practical and attractive, but it is quite a large job. In principle you are simply going […]

Laying quarry tiles

Methods for laying quarry tiles and ceramic floor tiles If you intend to glue tiles to an existing floor, the existing surface needs to be strong and stable before you start. Any existing weaknesses in the floor need to be remedied before you begin. When I am glueing floor tiles I use the big sacks […]

Renovation of Old Floors

Old houses might have any of a wide range of floor types in place – including earth, old quarry tiles, wood and concrete. Terre Battu Flattened earth floors are quite common in old houses in France. These ‘terre battu’ (beaten earth) floors are not simply a consequence of never laying a proper floor, but were […]